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Family health

Support and advice that can help keep your family healthy.

All families have times where we have minor illnesses, pick up sickness bugs and viruses and need to look after our low level illnesses. Keeping basic supplies at home can be helpful and pharmacists can provide general advice.

However, if you’re worried about a family member call 111 or speak to your GP practice.

Sometimes we might need more specialist advice and support – please see key links below: 

Find a GP

A doctor (or GP) treats patients with minor or chronic illnesses. Anyone in England can register with a GP surgery to access NHS services.

It's free to register. You don’t need proof of address, immigration status, identification (ID) or an NHS number. GP surgeries are usually your first contact if you have a health problem.

Find a GP near you
Register with a GP surgery

Find out how to register with a GP surgery.

 GPs | NHS

Find a pharmacy

Enter a town, city or postcode to search for your nearest pharmacy.

 Find a pharmacy | NHS

Find a dentist

Dentists specialise in looking after teeth and gum health. You can find a dental surgery that's convenient for you, whether it's near your home or work, and phone them to see if there are any NHS appointments available.

Find a dentist near you
How to find an NHS dentist

Find a dental surgery that's convenient for you.

 How to find an NHS dentist | NHS

Healthy Start: food, milk and vitamins

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant (or have a child under 4), you may qualify for help to buy healthy food and milk and even get vitamins.

If you’re eligible, you’ll be sent a Healthy Start card with money on it, which you can use in some UK shops.  

Talk to your midwife or health visitor to find out more about free vitamins. Or if you have a Health Start card you can collect your vitamins from a Family Hub.

See what's available
Healthy Start

Get help to buy food, milk and collect vitamins.

 Healthy Start scheme | NHS

Health for under 5s

More information about the Healthy Start scheme plus other health and development information for parents with pre-school children.

 Healthy start scheme | Health for under 5s

NHS vaccinations and when to have them 

It's important that vaccines are given on time for the best protection, but if you or your child missed a vaccine, contact your GP to catch up

You can find more information here 

Here's a useful guide explaining your child's recommended vaccine schedule


This video explains how the nasal flu vaccine is given. You can show this to your little one to help explain what will happen.


Contraception and sexual health

Contraception is used to reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy, and to help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). When contraception is used correctly, it is very effective. Contraception advice and support is free for everyone. You can visit your local chemist or talk to a GP for advice. For online support, the links below provide up to date advice and guidance.

Support and advice is available
Health for teens

NHS website with information on a wide range of issues dedicated to young people and their health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

 Health for teens


Where can I get contraception? Your contraception guide.

 Where can I get contraception | NHS

Drugs and alcohol

There are many reasons why someone might drink alcohol or take drugs. But we know sometimes alcohol and drug use can be damaging to both health and relationships.

Using too much alcohol, and regular drug use can have long-term effects on the physical and mental health of young people and adults. It's important you get help for yourself or for someone you know.

Support and advice is available for help with drugs and alcohol
Alcohol misuse – treatment

Treatment options advice for alcohol misuse from the NHS.

 Alcohol misuse treatment | NHS

Turning Point

Supporting young people with drugs and alcohol.

 Support we offer

Young Minds

A guide for young people.

 Drugs and alcohol

Stop smoking

Stopping smoking has both health benefits and financial benefits. We know that people are more likely to stop smoking if they’re helped by a professional. If you or someone you know is looking to stop smoking, please use the links below to get support. Even if you’re not sure and want to talk to someone it’s a great first step: 

Support and advice is available to help you stop smoking

Part of Leicestershire County Council, this service offers a tailored stop smoking programme, led by you. You can also Text 'ready’ to 66777 

 Quit Ready

Teen health

Promoting healthy behaviour during teenage years and taking steps to protect young people from health risks is important for the prevention of problems later in life. There are some great websites with a wide range of helpful information for you:

Teen health support and advice is available
Teen Health 11-19 – Leicestershire County Council

Leicestershire County Council’s information to support parents, carers, and young people who want to know more about the help and care available for young people during their adolescent years.

 Teen Health 11-19

Health for Teens

NHS website with information on a wide range of issues dedicated to young people and their health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

 Health for teens

Healthy lifestyles

We can all choose a healthier lifestyle by making the right choices. The food we eat, exercising and looking after our mental and physical health is important. Many websites offer advice to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle:

Healthy lifestyle support and advice is available
Better Health: Healthier Families (Change 4 Life)

For easy healthy recipes to make as a family, ideas on smart swaps and 10 minute shake up activities.

  Better Health : Healthier Families | NHS

Health for Kids

Health for Kids provides lots of useful reading, ideas for healthy snacks and activities to do with children.

 Health for kids

HENRY - healthy start brighter future

HENRY supporting the whole family to make positive lifestyle changes, creating healthier and happier home environments.

 Guidance for parents | Henry


Supporting children and young people to be more active

We believe that every child and young person should experience the enjoyment and benefits that being active can bring.

 Active Together

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