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Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can be one incident, or a longer pattern of behaviour between couples or other family relationships.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse can involve violence, but it can also be controlling behaviour eg. refusing to give you money, controlling what you wear or checking your phone regularly.

With domestic abuse, it can feel like others have power over you, which can make you feel scared or worried. This can happen at any point in a relationship, even if you don’t live together.

Support and advice is available
Living without Abuse (LWA)

Provides specialist support for survivors of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence, who live in Leicestershire. This includes support for men and women.

 Living without Abuse

 01509 550317

Getting help for domestic violence and abuse

Find out how to recognise the signs and where to get help.

 Domestic violence and abuse | NHS

FREEVA (Free from Violence and Abuse)

A registered charity working towards reducing domestic abuse, rape and sexual violence in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.


 0808 802 0028

Leicestershire GATE

Offers holistic support for Traveller and Gypsy women seeking to leave abuse.

 Leicestershire Gate | Facebook

Turning Point

This is a specialist service for people who are subject to domestic abuse but would also benefit from specialist interventions and support in relation to their substance misuse.

 Turning Point

 0330 303 6000

Leicester LGBT Centre

Offers domestic abuse counselling and one-to-one support for LGBTQ+ people and close allies aged 16 and above.

 Leicester LGBT Centre

 0116 254 7412

Women’s Aid

Offers temporary refuge accommodation and support services for all victims of domestic abuse and violence, regardless of race, gender, age or sexual orientation.

 Women's Aid

 0808 802 0028

Extended Domestic Abuse team at Leicestershire County Council

The team offer a range of support and is in addition to help you might already be getting either from childrens social care or from the staff linked to family hubs.

 Support for families with domestic abuse

Leicestershire Family Hubs

There are many centres around Leicestershire where you can just turn up.

 Find a Family Hub

Children and young people who are violent and abusive to their parents and carers

Child or young person violence and abuse towards parents is any behaviour used by a child which intimidates, controls or threatens parents and carers and puts family safety at risk. 

It’s very normal for children and young people to express anger from time to time, but if this happens often and makes you feel unsafe or threatened, it may be that you need to seek help. 

Support and advice is available for your child
The Jenkins Centre support for families experience child or adolescent violence

The YP Project at Jenkins Centre works with families where children are using violence and abuse against their parents or carers.

 The YP Project | Jenkins Centre

 0116 254 0101

FREEVA (Free from Violence and Abuse)

Is a registered charity working towards reducing domestic abuse, rape and sexual violence in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. FREEVA works with The Jenkins Centre to deliver the YP Project.


 0808 802 002

Further information

Other organisations and charities that can help:

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