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Celebrating our first ‘Baby Fortnight’

Baby Fortnight 2024
Experience the joy of learning and growing together with your little one! Join us for our free sessions as we celebrate Leicestershire's first ever 'Baby Fortnight'.

Leicestershire's first-ever 'Baby Fortnight' is offering a range of free sessions for parents and carers of 0-2 year-olds. These sessions will feature messy play, language workshops and sensory fun for both the little ones and their pre-school age siblings. The events will take place from 8th - 21st April across the county and are part of Leicestershire County Council's Family Hubs Start for Life Initiative. This initiative aims to help parents and carers better understand how they can aid their child's development through simple and fun activities. 

During the 'Baby Fortnight', three new sessions will be held that will focus on creative play, language and communication skills, and sensory experiences. Parents and carers are welcome to attend these sessions with their children and take advantage of this opportunity to learn new and engaging ways to help their child's development.

  • ‘Let’s Get Messy’ is a creative session providing fun for children and parents alike whilst also sharing tips on how messy plan can encourage a child’s development.
  • ‘Tip Top Talkers’ offers a unique workshop for parents/carers and children to come together and learn some tips on how to improve language and communication skills.
  • ‘Little Senses’ sessions provide fun activities for you and your child to explore their senses and encourage all round brain development.

If you'd like to join one of our sessions simply contact a hub to book: 

Blaby and Oadby & Wigston
Monday 8th April Active Mums Club Buggy Walk, Brocks Hill, Oadby 10am - 11am - Just turn up!
Wednesday 10th April, Wigston, 1 – 2.30pm – Lets get messy!
Tuesday 16th April, Huncote, 1pm – Little Senses
Wednesday 17th April, Braunstone Town Family Hub, 10am – 11am – Tip Top Talkers
Thursday 18th April, Active Mums Club Buggy Walk, Everards Meadows, Enderby 10am - 11am - Just turn up

Wigston Family Hub – 0116 3055282
Huncote Family Hub– 0116 3050306
Braunstone Town Family Hub – 0116 3054217

Monday 8th April – Thurmaston Family Hub – 1:30pm – 2:30pm – Tip Top Talkers
Monday 8th April – Mountfields Family Hub – 1 to 2.20pm – Lets get Messy!
Tuesday 9th April - Active Mums Club Buggy Walk, Gorse Covert Community Centre, Loughborough  1pm - 2pm - Just turn up
Tuesday 16th April – Thurmaston Family Hub – 10 to 11.30am – Little Senses

Thurmaston Family Hub – 0116 305 5264
Mountfields Family Hub – 0116 305 2880

Friday 12th April – Market Harborough Family Hub – 10 to 11.30am – Lets get Messy
Monday 15th April – Lutterworth Family Hub – 1:30pm – 2:30pm – Tip Top Talkers

Market Harborough Family Hub - 0116 305 0079
Lutterworth Family Hub – 0116 305 5011 

Hinckley and Bosworth
Tuesday 9th – Earl Shilton Family Hub – 1 to 2.30pm – Lets get Messy
Thursday 18th April  Bagworth Family Hub – 10am – 11am – Tip Top Talker
Friday 19th Spril – Hinckley East Family Hub – 10.30 to 12pm – Little Senses

Earl Shilton - 0116 305 5601
Bagworth - 0116 305 5601
Hinckley East  - 0116 305 5601

Thursday 11th April - Melton – The Edge– 10am – 11am – Tip Top Talkers
Monday 15th April – The Edge– 10 to 11.30 – Little Senses

The Edge - 0116 305 106

North West Leicestershire:
Tuesday 9th April – Coalville Children & Family Centre – 10.30 to 12pm – Lets get Messy
Wednesday 10th April  – Measham Family Hub – 10am – 11am – Tip Top Talkers
Tuesday 16th April – Coalville Children & Family Centre – 10.30 to 12pm – Little Senses

Coalville - 0116 305 5993
Measham – 0116 3055275


Further information

To book a place, contact your local Family Hub directly. 
Virtual sessions will also be available for childcare providers.
Partners involved in delivering the sessions are Leicestershire County Council, HomeStart Horizons, LPT, Active Together and Rutland County Council.
Those working with parents/carers and their children from conception and the early years (pre school) are encouraged to sign up.

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